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Flowers of Togian Islans



We like good vibes, delicious food and to create new things. We love to meet people from all over the world. We take care of our environment and the people that surround us. We try to leave a positiv impact wherever we go. Feel welcome to join our family and visit us at Togian Islands!

Nain. The Managing Heart.

"A meal without a fish is not a meal."

I was born and raised in Bomba Village, just minutes from where Poki Poki is located today. I love to live in this quiet surrounding which is why I do not enjoy my "citytrips" to Ampana to much. Since 10 years I am working with guests from all over the world and show them our wonderful archipelago.


I am married with Mila. Next to our three Kids I have the feeling that we are also "Mama and Papa" of the whole Poki Poki Family. It makes me proud hosting the world and seeing happy faces at POKI POKI. 


Whenever you have questions or need any help please ask us. We are happy to help with anything! 

Adul. Hands-on.


My career in hospitality startet at Poki Poki. My family is from Bomba and we have a small plantation near the resort where we produce palm sugar and grow vegetables. What I do at Poki Poki? Snorkeling Trips, guiding and all that needs to be done. Since we are a small place in the middle of nowhere we have to improvise a lot and be creative to find solutions. Thats what I am good at!


I work hard to study English. I am happy to chat in english to improve my skills and enrich my vocabulary. However, if you`d like to catch some words Bahasa Indonesia or of the local language we speak at Togians - I am happy to help.

Coco. The Crabhunter.

"Woof- Woof"

Coco might be hiding under the restaurant or hunting for crabs on the beach when you get to POKI POKI. She WONT join you for a swim or a trip on the boat since the ocean or water in general is not her best friend (yet). But so are bananas or dried coconut, so try to get close to her with a banana in your hand. Anyway she will steal your heart.

All joking aside. In case you are not a "dog-person" there is no reason to worry. Coco is a shy dog which does not come close (unless she really, really likes you). It is easy - if you do not care about her, she does not care about you. She is not allowed in the restaurant and rooms and does not bark for no reason.

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Mila. The Famous Chef.

"Salamat makan!"

Originally not from the Togian Islands my family moved here when I was a kid. I already went to school with Nain. Today we are married and have three children. I started to work in hospitality years ago and worked in different kitchens. I love making people happy with my food and trying out new dishes, ingredients and recipes.


Since we started with Poki Poki I get more and more confident to integrate traditional dishes, ingredients and vegetables which are about to be forgotten on the plates of Sulawesi. 


You will probably find me in the kitchen. If you have any special wishes please let me know. My English is not perfect but I am happy to improve and learn.

Uja. The Captain.

"Boat is ready"

Since a few years I am working in hospitality service. I am a very experienced captain and love bringing our guests out for snorkeling to our surrounding reefs. It`s a pleasure to see the smiles on the faces of our guests once they stick the head under water. My family is also from Bomba, which is why I know the reefs since I was a little boy.


People say I can´t sit still for a moment. If I am not on the boat I am most probably fixing something or doing some handicrafts. I always like to try new things, so surprise me with ideas. My English is quite good, almost fluent. Hope to meet you soon in Poki Poki!

Andang - Guitar Hero

always jamin`

Andang for sure is our guitar hero! Whenever he finds free time to hit the guitar, he will. His repertoire is filled with mostly indonesian classics which is a perfect match for a night on the bonfire on the beach. Always happy to learn new songs from guests or have jam-sessions with anyone.


Besides that he`s one of our captains, electrician in learning and keeps our machines running. Wonderful company in any way!

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Plants of Togin Islands


We had amazing people visiting us and lots of good times. Read more about Poki Poki from the people that make this place special: from our guests! Thank all of you for making Poki Poki to what it is!

"Das Poki Poki liegt im Süden der Togian Inseln auf der großen Insel Batudaka in der Nähe von dem Dorf und Anleger „Bomba“. Eine familiäre Atmosphäre mit Blick auf Nachhaltigkeit für den Tourismus – das ist es, was Angie & David hier geschaffen haben (..) Es ist also ein schöner Ort zum nichts tun, bietet aber auch einige Möglichkeiten, um von hier die Togians zu erleben."


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Picture copyright by Ania und Daniel
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