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Flowers of Togian Islands


GET ACTIVE. If you wish.

Besides hanging on the beach or reading in the hammock there are many things you can do at Poki Poki. You can snorkel on our House Reef or explore the nearby reefs on one of our snorkeling trips, take the canoe around the wide bay or go for a swim to our swimming platform. If you wish to get active on land there are loads of trails for trekking in the jungle, play beach volleyball, soccer or whatever comes to your mind! If you have other things on your mind – let us know. We try to make everything possible!

Snorkeling Togian Islands


Discover our house reef or take a tour to one of the wonderful reefs in the south-west of the Togian Islands.

Camping Trips Poki Poki Togian Islands

Camping Trips

Wanna go camping? Feel like Robinson Crusoe on a camping trip by boat.

Trekking Togian Islands
Trekking Togian Islands
Trekking Togian Islands


Discover the Jungle of Togean Islands. Many trails start right from our backyard into the deep jungle of Togian Islands. We are happy to guide you and show you the local flora of the islands.

Fish Togian Islands


Catch your own dinner and learn how to fish from the fishermen around. Learn from the experience of generations!


Diving Togian Islands
Diving Togian Islands

Diving at  the south-west of Togians is incredible! The corals and underwater landscapes of this still secret spot are incredible. Our friends from Araya bring you to amazing dive spots around the area of Bomba.


Play some volleyball, soccer or other exciting stuff on the beach during low tide. During low tide we might have the widest beach of Togian Islands which is a true playground!


Take the canoe around our wide bay and drift just over the corrals of the long reef. Our canoes are all handmade from local carpenters of the village of Bomba.

Bajo Village at Togian Islands

Bajo Village

Visit the unknown but beautiful Bajo Village of Siatu with its unique view over the dozens of small islands around. 

Taipi & Jellyfish

Jump on our boat for a day tour around the archipelago and visit small islands, lonely beaches and the unique jellyfish lake.

Yoga at Togian Islands


Sometimes we are lucky and have some teachers around. If not we anyway do have the perfect spot for your morning or evening practise. If you want to teach a class just let us know and we will arrange everything for the perfect setting! Namaste.

Cooking Class at Togian Islands

Cooking Class

Mila Superstar! Our chef Mila is a true hero and gives deep insight on her skills in a cooking class on indonesian cuisine. If you want to see how she makes coconut milk or the different spice mixtures, join for a cooking class in the restaurant.

Perfect Hammock place at Togian Islands


Enjoy the stunning view, from one of our hammocks. Relax in the perfect and peacful setting of our wide bay at Togian Islands. Read a book or not. You will be pleased by the silence and the feeling of not being connected to the rest of the world.

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