YOUR HOTEL on Togian Islands

our promise

Located at the magic south-west of Togian Islands our hotel and private beach offer plenty of privacy, space for creativity, deep relaxation and is the perfect hide away from the outside world. We understand ourself as a playground for body and soul with the perfect mix of good food, good people and good vibes.


Stay in one of our lovely bungalows on a wonderful beach at Togian Islands. The bungalows are basic but full of love & all equipped with a private bathroom. Enjoy the complimentary food, fresh garden and gorgeous view.


We love food. We`ll do our best to treat you with wonderful dishes and are constantly working on our menu. Of course all our vegetarian and vegan friends are welcome as well! 


Electricity only at night. No phone. No Internet. Some people might call it "simple". We believe it is richness.


Being an"Eco Hotel" sets high standards we cannot fulfill yet. Especially in a remote surrounding like the Togian Islands.  However, we try our best and are constantly working on ecological sustainability. The protection of nature and a positive social impact are parts of our philosophy. 


Just a footstep away from the ocean you can fumble to the beach and spend your day swimming, snorkling, playing football, volleyball, badminton or just relxing in the hammock. 


Get active. If you wish. You are creative and have crazy ideas? We love it and do our best to make it happen. Got no ideas and an empty mind? We got plenty of hints on what to do!



You got a question, would like to book a room or just want to say "Hi"? Just drop us a message below and leave us an Email. We reply within 12 hours.