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Flowers of Togin Islands


Serving your soul

The possibilities are limited. Our passion, love and commitment is endless. We`ll do our best to help you in any way.

Electricity of Togian Islands


Our generator is not the youngest. However, it usually runs in the evening. Anyway the stars are shining bright.



Need to do some laundry? We got your back!

Water Supply at Togian Islands


Our Bungalows are equiped with a private bathroom which all have western style toilets and a traditional "mandi" shower. 

Good Food at POKI POKI

Community Dinner

Enjoy your food with friends from all over the world! If you wish some one on one time with a dinner on the beach - let us know!

Boat at Togian Islands

Boat Transport

If you wish to move on and need some transportation our captains will be happy to drop you anywhere.

Handicrafts of Togian Islands

Creativity run free

Got ideas, wanna get your hands on and participate? Feel free to jump in!

Trees of Togian Islans

Protecting Nature

Help us to keep this wonderful place just as it is. Leave it as your found it or even do some more!

Help for Togian Islads


Please talk to us about possibilities to volunteer in neighbouring local communities and different projects in Sulawesi.


We appreciate a harmonic and respectful atmosphere in Poki Poki. Please be kind to each other and treat the team as friends.

NO Phone

Enjoy the pleasure of no phone connection on Poki Poki. We are sure you will love it!


There are not ATM`s on the Togean Islands. We can not proceed credit card payments. We accept payments in IDR.

NO Wifi

Enjoy the pleasure of no Wifi on Poki Poki. If yo want to share your experience on the island we are happy to forward your handwritten letters.

Service Boxes
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