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The WEATHER at TOGIAN ISLANDS - Worried about the "rainy season"?

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

You are planning your trip to a tropical far away archipelago called Togian Islands, so you most properly imagine blue skies, sunny weather and blue waters. Yes - that´s exactly what it is like, no matter what time of the year! Or is there a perfect travel season for the Togian Islands.

This beautiful archipelago would not be what it is without the usually very good or even perfect holiday weather. However, if you are planning your trip to Togians, most weather apps fail to show forecasts for this region of Sulawesi. Situated just about 50 km from the equator with tropical weather conditions the most apps will show you rain weather the whole day/ every day - lucky us that this is not the reality.

Is it due to weather reason that HIGH SEASON is defined from July to September?

How is the weather in LOW SEASON?

Indeed, most people that visit the Togian Islands come within the european summer months from July until September. However, this might be also linked to school holidays and general holiday season in Europe. The weather in this part of the year is perfect. A flat ocean, which on some days seems to be a big lake, is normal in this time of the year. The humidity in this time sinks to the lowest of the year, from our experience around 60 % - compared to a humidity rate from 80 to 90% from December till March.

However, the rest of the year the weather is never really a thread to travelling to Togean Islands. The rainy season could be better described as the windy season of the archipelago. The amount of rain that hits the islands is a lot less then on the mainland. Clouds often move over the islands and drop their water once they hit the mainland. There is no monsoon-rains! Nevertheless, winds can hit the islands from the north which can scramble up the boat schedules of the Togean Islands. If you should plan your trip in the month from the end of December until the end of February you should plan some spare time leaving the islands before you miss your flight. We therefore recommend to leave the islands a day before your flight. Read more about the flight to Togian Islands here.

Any time of the year the Togian Islands are easily accessible, there is no heavy rain season which forces you to stay inside all day and on top: due to the protected location of the Togian Islands in the Bay of Tomini no natural disasters are threatening the islands. You could face a day of rain even in the so called high season (from July till September) – but there is plenty of things to do even if you can not go out for snorkeling. Join one of Milas Cooking Classes, go trekking or do some Yoga. If that does not sound right – just let yourself go and watch the many colors of Togian Islands from your hammock!

The most important and gratifying fact, no matter what weather conditions you face, during the whole year the temperature is around 30 degrees.

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