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DADANG´s Place. A wonderful HOMESTAY in Ampana.

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

This wonderful homestay is a great find in Ampana. A very beautiful and just finished room with uncountable details just in a side road of Ampana. A great place run by the "godfather of information" of Togian Islands - Mr. Dadang.


It has been a while since Dadang was dreaming of hosting guests from all over the world at his home. He started working in the hospitality sector decates ago. Born in the city of Makassar, he moved to Ampana, the southern gateway to Togian Islands, in 1999. Dadang tells us: "At this time it took seven hours to reach Wakai with old wooden ships and loud, smelly engines".

Dadang, his wife Ulfa and their three kids welcome you in their home with a wonderful room set right in their backyard. The room is nicely furnished, shiny clean and offers a private bathroom with western toilet, sink & shower. The many details and the friendliness of this family make this place such a great find!

Don´t wonder if you can´t find any appearance of a hotel from the street view. You will be surprised by the beautiful backyard with a small garden, a cafe and a working spot. Dadang´s space is by the way also the one and only CoWo in Ampana. In their small café they might serve the best coffee in town and some small indonesian and western dishes. If you are lucky you might run in the middle of a jam session from Dadang and his oldest son. They are both crazy about hard & classic Rock and are pretty good playing the guitars. Just ask Dadang what the name of the café "Triple R" means!

For BOOKINGS send a short email to or a whatsapp message to +6285241003685. Dadang speaks perfect English and is happy to help with anything.

Dadang is a local legend! He got famous as a tourist guide and booking hero for Togian Islands and arranges bookings for hotels, guided tours and transport to and from the islands. He is the one who knows best about boat schedules and anything you might need to know about Togians Islands.

Beside all the other things on the plus side, sleeping here has definitely a benefit - you will be well informed!

If you want to have more information about Ampana check out our blog entry about this seaport to the Togian Islands.

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