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Updated: Aug 8, 2022

The night ferry "Tuna Tomini" brings you from Gorontalo to the Togian Islands in ride through the night. Departing from Gorontalo in the afternoon you will get to the town of Wakai at Togian Islands the next, early morning. For the current schedule please read here.

If you are making your way from or to the north of Sulawesi you might take the ferry “Tuna Tomini” which connects the Togian Islands (Wakai) with Gorontalo in the north of the islands.

From GORONTALO to WAKAI on Tuesdayand Friday afternoon

The ferry connects Gorontalo with the Togian Islands two times a week. The ferry departs from Gorontalo to the islands on Tuesdays and Fridays in the afternoon (around 17:00). We recommend to be there a bit earlier since it is never clear at what time exactly the ferry takes off. To go from the Togian Islands to Gorontalo the ferry leaves Wakai every Monday and Thursday.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the ferry does not operate on the first weekend of each month (first saturday and first sunday of the month). An alternative travel route to the north brings you to Luwuk, and via flight from Luwuk to Manado.

The cruise takes around 12 hours and goes overnight. You will reach your destination the next (early) morning. It is possible to book cabins on the boat which give you a bit more privacy but are far away from any luxury or comfortable beds. If you wish to do so please contact your hotel in Gorontalo or ask at the ticket sale for more information.

From WAKAI to GORONTALO on Monday and Thursday afternoon

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