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ISLAND HOPPING at Togian Islands.

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

How to get from one place to another ?

The beautiful archipelago offers the perfect setting for island hopping. Some travelers decide to stay in one corner of the islands and relax to the core. Others tempt to move on and see more places of the archipelago. However, you decide - it might be good to know how to get from one place to another.

There are several boats connecting the islands with the mainland, which also offer the possibility to cross from one island to the other. To see all about the different boat schedules please check this article. As an beautiful, alternative option to the "public boats" you can use the possibility of a charter boat which brings you from wherever you are to wherever you wish to go. The traditional outrigger boats are usually small, most of them fit a maximum of six people. Anyhow, the scenery is wonderful and we think this is one of the most beautiful ways to explore the islands.


"HERKULES"- the quick one to Wakai and back

The boat "Herkules" brings you from Ampana via Bomba to Wakai (and back) on a daily basis. Leaving Ampana at 9:00 am and Wakai at 12:00 am this is your boat if you wish to travel quick between above mentioned places.

"WAMBURABURA"- connecting the far east

The boat "Wamburabura" travels from Ampana to Wakai and continues to Katupat, Malenge and Dolong (and back on the next day).

Starting from Ampana to the Islands: Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday

Starting from the Islands to Ampana: Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Please note: the boat takes a one day break on Saturday

If you wish to travel to Malenge to Katupat, Wakai or Bomba, this is a good option.

CHARTERBOAT - the most flexible solution

The charterboat offers you most flexibility to cross from one island to another. The prices are higher than the bigger public boats but that usually pays off: You are more flexible on the departure times, the boat brings you directly to the hotel and you do not have to wait or depend on the "public boats". On top of that the scenery is beautiful and dolphins often cross your way. The prices are usually per boat - if you share your route with other guests the price per head quickly drops under the price of the public boats. Another nice feature of the charter boats is that you can make stops on the way, e.g. the Jelly-Fish Lake or for snorkelling. This way you make the day of moving to a trip.

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