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Internet at Togian Islands - To BE or NOT to be connected

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Most probably you already heard that there is no internet nor phone at the Togian Island. Well, this is true and it`s not.

There is an antenna in Wakai which provides phone connection and (sometimes) quite good Mobile Data. You won´t find any cafe´s or restaurant providing WIFI, so if you want to get online on the Togian Islands make sure you have an Indonesian Simcard. Since Wakai is the only place with mobile data, we recommend to just settle your “online-things” before you head to the islands.

Additionally, a few resorts offer WIFI via Satellite for their guests and you can purchase small data packages if you stay there. Most of the hotels don´t have internet and/ or phone connection - enjoy the time "off" and have a precious time without your smartphone.

Due to the missing internet connection most hotels at Togian Islands only accept cash payments. However, the dive resorts in Kadidiri, Bomba and Una Una usually offer Credit Card Payments. Please remember that there is absolutely no ATM`s at the Togian Islands.

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