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Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Many travelers do not want to miss out on the north of Sulawesi. Manado, close by Bunaken and the Tomahon Nationalpark attract people for diving, hiking and outdoor experience. But how do you get from Manado to the Togian Islands or the other way around?


The fastest way from Manado to the Togian Islands is via plane to Luwuk and connecting car ride to the town of Ampana. You can find daily flights from Manado to Luwuk. The car ride from Luwuk to Ampana takes about 5 hours. A private chartered car costs around 1.000.000 IDR per car. The budget option via public minivan costs around 150.000 IDR per Person.


The classic of the travel routes leads you from Manado to Gorontalo which connects the north of Sulawesi with the Togian Islands. To get to Gorontalo you can either take a plane from Manado or make the journey by bus or shared car. The journey by car takes about 12 hours. The flight less then 1 hour.

Once in Gorontalo you can take the Ferry Tuna Tomini which leaves to the islands two times a week (Tuesday and Friday) and brings you to the town of Wakai in a 12 hour journey. Read more about the boat schedules of Togian Islands here.


That of course depends on your time and budget. If you decide to travel via Ampana, the biggest advantage is that you can access the islands on a daily basis, where the ferry from Gorontalo only leaves three times a week. Nevertheless: taking the night ferry Tuna Tomini to reach the Islands also has its charms.

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